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Terraces at Woodbridge North Townhomes


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The Terraces
at Woodbridge

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About The Terraces

The Terraces at Woodbridge, is a new condominium development located at the corner of Avery and Merrick Streets, just a block from the Woodbridge Pub. In this development, there are a variety of floorplans, including seven side by side townhomes and two flats with a peaked roof and a pared-down, modern take on the traditional house profile.

We offer (4) two-level 2 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath townhomes and (3) three-level 2 or 3 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath townhomes. All 7 townhomes include a rooftop terrace, and backyard. The 3-level floor plans feature either a 3rd floor primary suite, or a bonus room. The garages are detached, and the two end-unit townhomes have 2-car garages. All other townhome units have a 1-car garage. An additional vehicle can be parked directly behind the garage door of all townhomes.

The (2) flats offer 2 bedrooms and 2 baths,  with a private rooftop terrace and a private 1-car garage.

By comparison with other developments in the area, the Terraces at Woodbridge will be unique in its well-designed, interesting, modern appearance, and in the features offered.

Pre-sales have begun, in which buyers may select their preferred specific condo units and start to choose their finishes and upgrades for a one-of-a-kind residence reflecting one’s own personal style. Construction already started in November 2023, with a projected occupancy at the beginning of 2025.

Some Details

Woodbridge is an historic neighborhood and many of the homes surrounding The Terraces at Woodbridge are well-maintained examples from the early 20th century, and have been painted in exuberant colors, updated from an early-20th-century palette. Residents of Woodbridge are a diverse and friendly group, often seen strolling with their dogs, or on their way to one of the many restaurants and parks in the neighborhood.


Within a half mile of this location are the following establishments:
The Woodbridge Pub, Pi Sci Pizza, Bash Izakaya, Cafe Prince, Barda, Roost, the Lexington Bar, Petite Sweets Detroit.


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How to reserve a unit today!

Reserving your condo is a no-strings-attached method to take your favorite condo unit off the market while you work on your pre-approvals and do your due diligence. It holds a specific condo for you and requires a fully-refundable deposit of $5,000.

The remainder of your 5% deposit (plus 50% or any upgrades) will be required at the time of signature of your purchase agreement and nothing further is due until closing.


One of the benefits to reserving and subsequently purchasing your condo at The Terrace at Woodbridge, is that the pricing will never be lower than at the beginning, during the Pre-Construction phase offering. Most people who get in on the ground floor with Pre-construction pricing, find that they actually have equity already accrued by the time that they close.

Get in contact with us today!


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